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About The Author, and Poet Feon's poetry reflect the beauty and warmth that Feon feels, as part of her encounter with the Lord. Within the anthology, there are many poems which almost read like prayers, and this sense of linking in with God is perpetually within Feon Davis' poetry. She feels connected with her sense of spirituality through writing poetry, and the intensity of language and feeling can easily be seen by any reader. The poems scintillate with language which shows Feon's sense of being blessed, the subject areas reflecting life for anyone in any place and of any age, however, as they have a universality about them. Her poems appeal to the heart and mind, and they are cathartic in taking the reader on a journey in which they explore their own faith. Christianity brings with it certain emotions which we all sometimes find difficult to express exactly, and we may all feel different emotions as we express our thanks to our God our Creator.
Inspirational Poetry of love and hope from the heart.
I Am Free  God grant me freedom, He free me from misery, He free me, my friend, He I praise, For he free me. _____________________________ Like A Baby Cradled In His Arms  Like a baby cradled I surrender,   Like a baby cradled with a broken heart, Like a baby cradled take my spirit and heal it,  Like a baby cradled, Your glory like the warmth of love,   Like a baby cradled comfort me, Like a baby within his mother’s arms,  Shield me and protect me from harm, Like a baby cradled after being born, I am a blessing on this earth you brought forth. _____________________________________________  I BELIEVE  I believe within my heart I believe he died for us I believe in his mercy I believe he intend us to survive I believe he is my sunlight I believe he is my pillar I believe cause he believes in me I believe like the seasons I believe I believe he loves you and me I believe and I love him. _____________________________________________  Palm of His Hands  He has our hearts, and yes our souls' We are his blessings, no matter when the anchor is thrown, I kneel to pray, And his plan extends to my soul, Now I am reborn, I need not crawl anymore, There's no doubt God always had me in the Palm of his hands, If ever I call, His love will be deliverance in hand.   ©1980-2021 by Feon L Davis Click To Buy my books Here @ Amazon.com
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