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LOVE ME LIKE ROSE PETALS”   Blossom forth like a rose,Yet Blossom like a metaphor forming, Blossom forth like the beauty you are. The writer Feon Davis and poet of Inspirational Christian faith base poetry. I write of God's love, peace, praise and his Holy spirit. My motivation is scripture as well. I love writing about the grace he gives me each and every day. I write of his love regardless, of my outcome. Feon L. Davis, poet and writer, offers as a blessing to all in the message of her anthology, that faith is an essential part of life. This engaging anthology was written for readers who share Feon's love of God. Feon enjoys using religious language, and her imagery resonates with feelings of joy. She feels spiritual delight in being a poet who feels close to God. Each poem is written with love, her words speaking of every day experiences of observing how faith affects her life. She believes that faith is the foundation of all that she encounters, and her language is strikingly beautiful, graceful and elegant. Feon believes in the importance of empowering her readers. These skilfully written poems offer to all who read them a sense of being delighted by God's message, enjoying the wise words of the Bible, Feon's poetry shows how splendid life is when reflecting on God's love. Her faith can be seen in her use of religious sentiments, that are written with warmth, and which offer solace to the reader. _______________________ Dear Whom It May Concern From My heart I give, From my tears I beg you, From my mouth I say to you, From my actions I show you, From my face I express upon you, From a broken heart I do deserve more, From me to you I love you.

Your Hand In My Hand

Your hand in my hand As we walk on the shorelines I smile as I look toward you shores of waves clash we are swept together as one Two as one not two apart from love We look at the sunset just over the horizon Winds remain dormant to the clashing of the ocean floor Just as our ocean floor clash, so does our love clash surrounding the heart and soul. ©2018 by Feon L.Davis


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Inspirational Poetry of love and hope from the heart.